Social media scheduling is used by businesses and individuals to streamline their social media marketing efforts and to ensure that their social media presence is consistent and engaging. By scheduling posts in advance, social media managers can save time and avoid the need to constantly monitor and post on social media platforms manually. Additionally, social media scheduling tools often provide analytics and insights that help users track the performance of their social media posts, allowing them to refine their strategy and improve engagement with their audience.
Reva365's publishing and scheduling software is designed to simplify social media management for businesses. By providing tools to create and schedule content, collaborate with team members, and analyze performance, the software can help businesses save time and improve their social media presence.
automating social media posts can be a time-saving, efficient, and effective way to maintain a consistent and engaging social media presence, which can help businesses and individuals grow their audience, increase engagement, and achieve their social media marketing goals.
You can signup using email id and password
The free plan offered by us is absolutely free for lifetime. Although there is a limitation on posting. You cannot upload more than 20 posts per month through your free account.
With Reva365, you can schedule, plan, analyze, and much more. Get started with a 15-day free trial, connect your social media channels, and start scheduling and achieve your social media marketing goals.
With our free plan, you can schedule up to 20 posts per social media channel, while with our paid plan (starting at$ 10 per month) you can schedule unlimited post. There is no monthly, or yearly limit.
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